HeadStrong Marketing Creations - WELCOME TO OUR NEW ONLINE STORE!!!!

About Us

Our Company, HeadStrong Marketing Creations, featuring our first brand "RESET" was founded in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada in September 2017. The idea for RESET has been brewing in our minds for a couple of years and we are now proud to see it come to life. We hope you like the concept, design and quality of our t-shirts, hats and other items. We take pride in the quality of our brand and in our level of service that we promise to deliver. We have tested the shirts and hats on some friends and family members to see how they liked them. The feedback has been great (see some of the testimonials we've received on our Testimonials page)! We will always listen to our customers' feedback so please feel free to let us know how you like your RESET item or if you have any suggestions for us on new products to carry. We are starting small, but hope to grow!!!!  While are still in 'start up' stage, so far it has been a wonderful opportunity for the boys to learn about business. They have been involved in selecting our logo, choosing colours of shirts, styles of hats, 'modelling' :), setting up the Instagram account and will be promoting and fulfilling product orders.

Thank you for visiting our site and please keep us 'bookmarked' because we plan to introduce more brands besides RESET in the future. Additionally, we will continue to add tips and advice on How to Reset.

Show the world you know how to RESET by wearing the brand. Let's start a RESET revolution. 

A little history on how RESET got started.    Single mom, Tracy and her two boys, Cody (13) and Hunter (11) have worked very hard to make this brand come to life. Both the boys are competitive hockey players. Cody, a Bantam AA goalie, had been going through a bit of a challenging year a few years ago in net. He would get discouraged after being scored on and would often pull himself from the game. As a kid who naturally is pretty hard on himself, the added pressure of being in net and facing pucks being shot at you from all directions is, at times, very difficult. Not wanting to let his teammates down, nor let himself down, he had a choice to make. Either figure out how to change the way he viewed his game by changing his own mental mindset or possibly give up playing a position he had been training so hard for since age 6. Tracy heard about a mental sports development trainer in Applied Neuroscience (from another hockey parent) that focused specifically on goalies in Calgary, AB. After a few sessions with Coach Lorie Pulliam (see her site InnerMindSports.com (TM) on the links), Cody seemed to be able to switch his brain if he got scored on by saying "RESET" out loud to himself and focused on the next shot that would soon come his way. His confidence  soon increased and his game changed. This "game changing" word then became THE word at their house for many situations. When things weren't going right, they'd tell each other to "RESET". Then just like when you buy a car and start noticing all the other cars just like yours on the road, they started hearing the word "RESET" everywhere. They decided that since the word meant so much to them and was a word with a positive connotation, they should start a t-shirt and hat business to reflect how the word helped them in hopes it would help others. This world can always use more positivity and different ideas about how to make changes for the better, starting with ourselves.