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Computers, phones, vehicles and other electronics and machines need regular RESETs. Organizations undergo annual strategy planning sessions where departments, managers and employees learn to RESET. All types of athletes in any sport (baseball, hockey, soccer, football, swimming, golfing, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc.) regularly need to RESET their games.

Sometimes we have to deal with difficult situations or difficult people that make life very challenging so rather than let them affect us or tear us down, we need to keep telling ourselves to RESET (yearly, monthly, daily, even hourly sometimes!!!).  

In general, in a world where life can sometimes be pretty tough, we can all use a RESET every now and then. We can't always choose how certain situations come into our lives or how certain people come into our lives that make life difficult but we CAN choose how we deal with them and we CAN learn life lessons from them.

We all have the power to live our own lives and make them great. There is only one guarantee in life and that is none of us are here on this earth for eternity. So why would anyone choose to be mean or treat other people with disrespect? Sometimes we just can't answer that question, so we need to focus on what WE can do better as individuals. Let's RESET how we treat others, RESET how we let others treat us and RESET how we treat ourselves.

By RESETTING your BRAIN, you can RESET your ATTITUDE by thinking positively about situations. Thinking with a positive mental attitude then RESETS your LIFE and how you choose to live it.








Do whatever you need to do to RESET yourself. Go for a walk, go to the gym, go for a run, call a friend, call a family member, go to church, scream, laugh, cry, shoot hoops, shoot pucks, de-clutter your home, have a 'self-care date with yourself', go to a movie alone, sleep, have a bath, read a book, write a book, journal, climb a mountain, go skiing, take deep breaths, meditate, make a vision board, watch self-help videos on youtube,  be around people that support and love you and make you laugh. For even more ideas, see our How to Reset page on this site or follow our Pinterest account. If that doesn't help, then see a counsellor or doctor for professional help and assistance with RESETTING yourself.

Whatever method you choose to RESET, wear your shirt to remind you of it's power.  Let's all help one another focus on the positive and focus on the next good thing and how we can RESET in order to create a better life for ourselves and those around us. 

Show the world you know how to RESET by wearing the brand. Let's start a RESET revolution. RESET your BRAIN, RESET your ATTITUDE, RESET your LIFE.